Brown dot at the end of blood vessel for 2 years

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I have had blood shot eyes for more than a year, it's a line from the corner of my eye to my iris.

The blood shot begins from the corner on my eye which is red and ends with a round brown circle next to my iris. I'm starting to get really worried.

It appeared first when I was in university, now its nearly two years and it's still there. I went to the doctors and the opticians. The doctors say its a pigmentation, and the optician doesn't know what it is.

I'm worried and scared, I don't know if its just me but the brown dot seems to getting bigger. Could there be something more serious at the back of my eye, If there is something at the back of my eye wouldn't the optician see it?







Thanks for your Question

I would recommend that you send a picture of your eye.

Most of the time it is conjunctival Nevus and it benign and has no effect on the eye.


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