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Five days ago, I had surgery for a macular pucker and a steroid injection for swelling/inflammation of the macula. In my follow-up visit the next morning, my doctor said that the steroid had "dispersed" and that it will take a few days for my vision to return.

I still cannot see (only shadows). Can you explain and also tell me how long it will take for my vision to return?







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Macular Pucker© 2017 American Academy of OphthalmologyIntravitreal injection of steroid is very important for patients with macular edema. I am not sure what exactly was done for you during the surgery but here are the reasons can cause blurred vision:

1- At the end of macular pucker surgery, we replace the vitreous body with special gas which usually takes from days to weeks to be absorbed by the eye. The presence of gas in your eye unable you to see clearly.

2- Macular edema and inflammation. Macular edema can cause blurred vision. With steroid injection, macular edema starts to subside within 1-2 weeks and you can notice vision improvement within 2 weeks.

3- Steroid is a white suspension/fluid which when injected inside the eye leads to floaters and blurred vision. It needs around 2-4 weeks for the steroid particles to be absorbed.
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