Lumigan Eye Drops and miscarriages

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I have read much about lumigan and its relation to miscarriages. I just started lumigan eye drops about a few months after I had my first baby and now I have tried again and miscarried.

There is no human information connecting the two but this must be further studied. Animal testing showed miscarriages, development problems, short gestational periods. If the drops are prostaglandin inhibitors it only shows truth that this medication should not be used during pregnancy

Prostaglandins are very important in the first trimester. Do you have any advice and alternative medications to use so I do kit risk a miscarry again?







Thanks for your Question
Lumigan Eye Drop is a prostaglandin analogue not prostaglandin inhibitor. FDA classified it as pregnancy C medication because it causes problems in animals. One of the problem in animal is miscarriage. There are no documented studies on Human that showed such complication.

Unfortunately there is no FDA approved Anti-glaucoma eye drops to be used safely during pregnancy.

Ophthalmologists can use category B of medication such as brimonidine eye drops. You should discuss this issue with your eye doctor and also discuss laser surgery for glaucoma such as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty.
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