Vitrectomy for Vitreous syneresis

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My name is Carl and my story goes like this....

I am 33 and I developed floaters in both eyes 3 years ago..
About a year ago I was seeing something that looked like heat waves.
I went to a ophthalmologist and he said I had Vitreous syneresis ..
Every time i move my head it hits of my retina and I see a flash, even with my eyes closed..
I was thinking about getting a vitrectomy... My quality of Life went down as I have 3 kids..
I was wondering if anyone knew the long effects of this procedure...
Is there a high success rate?

Thank you






Thanks for your Question

Vitrectomy is a safe procedure but not 100%. Every surgery has its own complications and the rate of complications after vitrecomy for vitreous syneresis is minimum.


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