Eye problem with subconjunctival Hemorrhage

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My right eye is bloodshot in the lower left corner just below the pupil. It doesn't hurt or feel uncomfortable but its worrying me that its there.






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This is called subconjunctival hemorrhage which is a be benign condition that with fade gradually within 2-3 weeks.It is caused by hypertension, severe coughing, severe vomiting and straining.
I get these every so often. As Sami wrote, there can be many causes. I believe my most recent one, was due to a virus, because I felt "under the weather" when I had mine, and had been near a person who had a "stye" (eyelid infection) shortly before mine started.

One thing that helped mine resolve faster, was a homeopathic remedy for bruising, called homeopathic ARNICA, taken under the tongue. Really helped!

I recommend that you see a good eye doctor--a medical doctor (MD) called an ophthalmologist, to see if anything else is going on, causing your subconjunctival hemorrhage, that you should know about, so that if something needs to be treated, you'll find out what that might be!

Good luck!


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