Complications at 4-months post Lasik

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Hi there,
I am experiencing chronic ocular and nasal allergies (stinging eyes and burning sinus) 4 months post-LASIK. Also I have light sensitivity and glare which renders me unfit to drive at night.

What can be done about these complications?
Thank you.






Thanks for your Question

Sensitivity and glare are related mainly to dry eyes that can occur after lasik eye surgery. Frequently application of lubricant eye drops can help to reduce these symptoms.

Ocular and nasal allergy are not related to lasik.

- Thanks for your response, however, I only developed ocular and nasal alleries (burning sinus) immediately after LASIK. I have never had them before in my life, so they are indeed connected. Eye drops do not relieve the light sensitivity.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

- In this case you might have allergy to some of the eye drops that you are using.

I would recommend that you visit your Lasik Surgeon for the light sensitivity


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