Pseudomembranes from eye infection

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I have had 2 eye infections this year already each one putting me out of work for 1 week. This last one the right eye was just not looking well even after I was cleared.

The original Dr. told me I had developed a pseudomembrane but didnt tell me anything about it other than I would have to have it surgically removed. I had a second Dr. look at it and right away he confirmed the diagnosis but also saw an inturned eyelash poking into the same corner the first Dr. hadn't seen just hours before.

Could the eyelash have caused the infection then the infection cause the membrane and what is the pseudomembrane and how does it form?







Thanks for your Question

Pseudomembrane occurs in eye infection especially with severe viral conjunctivitis. It is not a real membrane, it consists of enzymes and inflammatory cells secretions.Mild corticosteroid eye drops with antibiotics are required in the treatment of pseudomembrane. Sometimes severe and thick membrane should be removed surgically with aggressive eye drops.

the effect of Pseudomembranes from eye infection

Does the surgical removal of the Pseudomembranes from eye infection effect on the eye vision and may occur , or on the Lacrimal duct as over tearing after treatment?
note : it was removed for about day after a day for 2 weeks by swaps by the Dr.
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