Lasik Eye Surgery for patients with CSR

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By Mr G Brown


I have had a few CSR episodes over the past 15 years and they have healed without treatment, suffered blurred vision in the eye each time which lasted few months. About 3 years ago went to see if I could have laser surgery so I would not have to wear glasses but was turned down due to CSR.

As I have not had an episode for 3 years would it be possible to have laser treatment?







Thanks for your Question

During Lasik Procedure, the intraocular pressure is increased with the suction mechanism of the microkeratome to around 60 mmHg. This high intraocular pressure for few seconds won't cause problems in patients with healthy retina but it is a problem for patients with retinal disorders such as central serous retinopathy.

In this disease, there is a defect in the retinal pigment epithelial layer which act as a barrier between the choroid and retina to prevent the leakage of fluid and blood components from choroid to retina. With high intraocular pressure, an old defect in this layer can open and leak fluid again. Although the incidence of CSR after Lasik is low, it still can happen.

On 2004, a case was reported about bilateral central serous retinopathy after lasik procedure.

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A study was published on 2012 that showed weak association between lasik and CSR.

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