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I have something on my eyeball.. It doesn't hurt, but it is really annoying cuz I can feel it when I blink.. It Kind of feels like when something is caught in the eye but i know that its not what it is.

It looks like a scar, but I can remember getting scratched, it's slightly raised, has the same color as the white on my eye, it is maybe an eight of an inch long and It's located on my left eye on the left side of the white part on my eye.

It's been there for four days now, and it doesn't seem to go away... My eye is not red from it... Can anyone tell me what this might be? And how I can treat it?

I'm not using lenses, never had eye problems and is healthy and athletic.

Thank you.






Thanks for your Question

It might be a pterygium which is a benign growth of conjunctiva to the cornea but pterygium growth occurs over years not over 4 days.

The diagnosis would be more accurate if you have a picture of your eye and upload it here.


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