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I am 46 years old and am just having trouble with my eyesight for the first time. I have never had to have any sort of correction before. I am interested in Duette multifocals for presbyopia. What is the success rate of these lenses?







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Many People prefer this kind of contact lens for presbyopia over monovision contact lens. In monovision, one eye is designed for near vision while the other eye is designed for far vision. This can be troublesome for some people who can't tolerate using one eye.
In Duette multifocal contact lens for presbyopia, each eye can be used to see both near and far vision and there is smooth transition between near and far segment of the lens which helps to reduce double vision and aberration. It is a hybrid contact lens which provide comfort and crystal clear vision.
The only way to determine if you can tolerate these lens is a trial. You have to try them for a while and you can judge by yourself.
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