Blurry Vision.. Please Help!

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I sometimes get like a blury vision and a pounding head.. its not fully blurred only part of my vision is but when i close my eyes i can still see this blurr. What is this?

Please Help!!







Thanks for your question

You said that u have blurry vision with headache and even when you close your eye you still see it. I think that you might have either Migraine headache or glaucoma.
Migraine comes in unilateral(half side of head)head pain and pounding or pulsating in nature. It is usually associated with blurry vision and flashes of lights which is called photopsia. The ocular prognosis of this is very good and there is no risk on your vision

Glaucoma is high intraocular pressure which can affect the vision and also can cause headache. It should be treated with anti glaucoma eye drops and medications. If glaucoma is no treated, the ocular prognosis is very bad and the patient might loss his/her vision.

In both cases i advise you to visit your eye doctor for a routine check up and to rule out glaucoma.

Other disorders that can cause blurry vision with headache are dry eyes, sinusitis, teeth problems and refractive error which are not corrected.
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