Squint Surgery Broken Sutures

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Hi,Squint Surgery Broken Sutures
I am 24 years old. i have a squint surgery (esotropia) on my right affected eye a week ago i.e 13th of January, 2015.
A couple of days after the surgery, the sutures on the lateral rectus muscle got broken and as a result a part of the Sclera was visibly exposed. The eyes surgeon recommend to used eyedrops but the exposed scleral area is giving me pain for the most part.
Should i go for another surgery? And what is the time gap (in days) between two surgery on the same eye?
Thank you





Thanks for your Question
You can use eye ointment to decrease pain from exposed sclera. If the part of the exposed sclera is large,you should visit another eye doctor for re-suturing. If there is defect in eye movement you should also visit another doctor.
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