Chemical eye burn with hair dye and vaseline

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I had an accident in the hair salon -- a small amount of vaseline and hair dye entered both eyes and caused immediate burning / pain. Both eyes were eventually flushed with saline at the ER but I continue to have problems. The ph in both eyes remains at 8 after 4 days.

I believe the vaseline/chemicals have not yet been eliminated from my eyes due to the insoluble nature of petroleum jelly. Fortunately, I have very minor abrasions on the whites of my eyes (not cornea). Can you suggest a way to completely eliminate the vaseline/chemicals??

Any help would be much appreciated!






Thanks for your question

Saline irrigation for both eyes are the best first aid step to treat chemical eye injury.It should be continued till the PH is nromalized.

Using cotton swab after the irrigation is done to wipe the conjunctiva and cornea for any sticky remnants.

Hourly Artificial tears without preservative for 1-2 weeks is very helpful to normalize PH and to remove any remnants


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