Pain in the eye after trauma

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I was hit by an umbrella handle on the left eye, as a result i got a cut on the eye lid and got swelling and a black eye but it went down after 2 weeks.

Now i get pain around the eye especially where the handle hit by the bone,the pain is usually  on and off gets worse when i feel around the area, and its usually accompanied by a headache on the left side and blurred vision, the eye lid randomly just closes and won't open for a minute or so, but yesterday i woke up and it just wouldnt open till mid-day.


 Pain in the eye after trauma






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In case you have blurred vision you should visit an eye doctor as soon as possible to be sure that you don't have any eye trauma related complications. 

Pain around the eye could be caused by trauma to the bone around the eye which need times to subside. You can take pain killer for pain.


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