White eye floaters

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I greet you cordially and at the same time I would like to ask you about the detachment of the posterior vitreous, apart from seeing dark floating things when there is a lot of light, what is most annoying is a white layer that falls from the eye and covers it to the center like a curtain, seeing white and blurred by only the right eye,

That layer then goes back up and uncover after 8 or 10 seconds and I see normal but when it reappears when I read or see something and it repeats all day long, I want to know what that white layer is, because in the eye fundus the doctors said that there was no tear of retina and they did not prescribe anything to me for the dvp that was not by blow;

Then they made another eye fundus and said that in the retina there was no tear, but now the white layer is now like a white film that covers the center of the eye like a curtain and it looks blurry and then it is uncovered and again it is covered and uncovered again, it is like cyclic and continuous and It's like this all day.
I also want you to recommend some products or specific natural foods such as certain fruits or vegetables or supplements to alleviate and treat the detachment of vitreous afterwards and their symptoms, especially to treat that white layer that prevents seeing almost entirely only in the right eye since it looks fuzzy.







Thanks for your Question

Symptoms of posterior vitreous detachments can be eye floaters. Somtimes patient can see white or semi-translucent or grey curtain with strands that move with eye movement. Sometimes they can obstructs part of the vision. Your eye doctor confirmed that to you and there is nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for posterior vitreous detachment and there is no specific foods or products can alleviate it. In general healthy food is very improtant to keep healthy eye and body.

There is is a procedure called vitreolysis that used certain type of laser to treat some types of eye floaters but it ialso has its complications. You can talk with your eye doctor about this option.

You have to know about the alraming signs in eye floaters in which if you experienced any of them you should visit your eye doctor as soon as possible such as black curtain that obstructs your vision, sudden increase in number of eye floaters with decrease vision.

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