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    I became near sighted in 2011 when I turned 28. So I have to get my eye checked and the grade was high. I am sure it was about aging.
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I am victor from the Philippines. 35 years old. I occasionally am seeing a bright dot for a second and it disappears from my vision. I was wondering if I will go blind someday. I already have high grade glasses and I am near sighted.

My vision became blurry for far distances that started in 2011 when I was 28 after I had mumps although i don't know if its related.

Are there any treatment for floaters? Do I need eye drops.

Thank you.






Thanks for your Question

People who see eye floaters for the first time should have full eye examination with full retinal examination.The most common causes of eye floaters are vitreous liquafication and vitreous detachment which are benign conditions. But sometimes, retinal hole or tear can occur secondary to vitreous that detached from the retina.

These retinal tears or holes should be sealed with laser in order to prevent retinal detachment. Vitreous liquefaction and posterior vitrous detachment are common in patient with high myopia. I recommend that you should visit your eye doctor for full retinal examination.

The only treatment available now for eye floaters that are related to vitreous detachment and vitreous liquafication is YAG Laser vitreolysis but not all patients are good candidate for this procedure


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