Does constant use of concave lens aggravate myopia?

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    Concave Glasses. Left -0.25 Right -0.5
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I am a Software Engineering Student. I recently had a eye checkup and found out I had a myopic vision. My doctor suggested me to wear concave glasses of power -0.25 for left and -0.5 for right. Due to my field of study and to be profession I constanly need to focus on near object i.e. laptop screen.

My concern is that does constant use of concave glasses aggravate my myopia. I was more concerned when I found some stuff on the internet that suggested not to wear concave glasses while viewing near objects as our eye need to readjust to focus through the lenses and later it would be more difficult to view far objects due to elongation or contraction of eyeball.







Thanks for your Question

Wearing glasses for myopia has nothing to do with worsening or improving of myopia. These lenses help you only to see clearly for both far and near and also help to reduce strain on your eyes. Vision usually stabilize between the age or 18 to 24 years


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