Eyesight weakness and blur images

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    Since last 3 to 4 years i wear glasses.. Not regularly. Only when i work on laptop and read books.my glasses are approx 2 no.
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I'm 20 years old. i'm unable to read words at 6 feet distance also in the evening i feel blur and can't identify any person face at distance approx 14 feet.

I'm a computer science engineer so i have to sit 4-5 hours continuously on the laptop. So i already have a specs.

What should I do to remove this problem.. Bcz i want 6/6 eyesight. So it can be possible or not.. Please tell me. If yes then give me solution.

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Thanks for your Question

I am not sure if you have blurry vision with eyeglasses or not. In case you have blurry vision when you are not wearing eyeglasses, well you should wear them or you can do refractve surgery such as lasik.

In case you have blurry vision even with eyeglasses, you should visit your eye doctor to find out the cause of that. Maybe the refractive power of your eyeglasses is wrong and you just need a new one

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