Can camera flash harms your baby's eyes



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Do you use any eye drops?





I was using continuous flashlight from backside my phone cells for about 2 mins to taking my 8 months daughter photo, from distance about 40 cm from her face.

She was sleeping and her eyes are closed when I was using the flashlight.

Now I was really worry, stress and scared until couldn't sleep whole night since someone told me that the camera flashlight is dangerous for infant eyes and can damage the cornea or retina. I used LG G5 flashlight and found his flashlight quite strong and really bright.

My question:



1. Can the cornea or retina become damage or burn because of the strong light from continuous phone cells flashlight for 2 mins in distance about 40 cm, with baby in sleeping condition and her eyes are closed?

2. How big affect for the strong light which pass through eye lids?

3. Can someone blind because of camera flashlight?

Please help to answer my question.

Many Thanks



Thanks for your Question

You baby was sleeping and her eyes were closed so no need to worry about this issue.

Camera flash won't blind your baby eye but too much flashing or continuous flashing of lights and from a near distance and your baby eyes are open can cause few damages but not to the level of blindness.