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Age Related Macular Degeneration

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My mother aged 79 years has one eye (left eye). since last 15 years, right eye has lost vision - faint vision (brown cataract). Left eye has cataract and age related macular degeneration. Doctor has suggested "ACRYSOF IQ aspheric IOL. Is this IOL best to avoid posterior capsular opacification, does it have square edge, is it one piece, avoids macular degeneration.

In many sites I found high rate of PCO with "ACRYSOF IQ aspheric IOL". Guess aspheric and square edge are not related. Please send any specification links for this IOL. Aspheric IQ seems to be not best for all candidates- what are those cases and risks.

Blogs say "Spherical IOLs should also be used in patients who do not have corneas with positive spherical aberration" what exactly does this mean. Since my mother is aged prefer latest non IQ model - latest alcon one piece model which is commonly used with least risks- kindly send us model number.

Is it possible to have 1 eye - left eye with alcon aspherical IQ and right eye normal alcon 1 piece - as having iqs on both eyes are expensive especially for aged people who are mostly at home. Is yellow color on iq IOLs visible? What are glistening?




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Need some more clarifications.

(a) For patients who are advised IQ IOL how do we know aberration(positive or negative) and state of capsular bag

(b) All Alcon IOLs shield from UV - impact of blue light on retina - macular degeneration is still debatable.

(c) Is it necessary that both eyes should have premium IQ IOLs or 1 eye can be IQ and other non IQ like plain alcon single piece.(which is cost effective).

(d) Is usage of IQ on patient who is mostly at home holds good (which is expensive) or normal alcon single piece hold good and time tested.

IOL queries

Few points require clarification

a) Spherical IOLs should also be used in patients who do not have corneas with positive spherical aberration- what does this mean? How do we know what aberration patient has?

b) All Alcon IOLs have UV filtration - blue light impact on macula is still debatable - any view on this?



c) What is capsular bag and its impact on aspherical IOLs?

d) If patient is aged (> 76 years) and mostly at home does IQ really help? - Alcon single piece IOL (spherical) should work considering this is time tested and no risk (at present patient is one-eye) e)Is it possible that 1 eye is using IQ and other eye normal alcon single piece which is cost effective? or both eyes should use aspherical - expensive?

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Acrysof iq Intraocular lens is one of the best Intraocular lens available these days in the market. Yellow color of this lens helps to protect the aging retina by filtering more of the harmful sun's rays and some artificial lighting. Yellow color of the lens won't have any negative impacts on visual acuity of the patient .

The Aspherical property of the lens helps to reduce high order aberration that causes glare, Loss of contrast sensitivity and poor night vision. All of the intraocular lenses will cause Posterior capsular opacification and it is easy treated with YAG laser capsulotomy which is an outpatient procedure not more than 5-10 minutes with very minimum complications