Blurry vision after cataract surgery



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?

Now i'm age 35 i undergo a cataract surgery almost 2 weeks ago

Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?

My doctor said i have a cataract in both eyes since i was a child due to genetic inheritance

Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?

Tobramycin dexamethasone (TOBRADEX)

Do you use any eye drops?





2 days after i had a cataract surgery i can see almost clearly and i'm happy but after a week later my vision seems to be declining.

I feel that i have a cataract again because my vision is blurry again and i can see some floaters floating in my vision.

Why is my vision declining? Is there a problem during my surgery? What can i do to see clearly again.

Please help me.




Thanks for your Question

From the attached pic, there is small piece of cataract can be seen in your eye. Any remnants of cataract after surgery can cause inflammation, blurry vision and floaters.

You should go back to your eye doctor for full evaluation and to rule out other causes of floaters and blurry vision after cataract surgery such as macular edema, retinal detachment or uveitis.



Blurry vision after cataract surgery


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My doctor did said that there is still some cataracts left after surgery due to my cataract being so soft because my cataract is located at the back of my lens.

My vision did improve after a week of my surgery but now almost 2 weeks later my vision is blurry and i can see floaters.

Do i need another surgery for the cataracts that are left in eye?

Why is my vision so blurry? Did my surgery failed? What can i do to improve my vision?

Help me please.

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If the piece of cataract is small and only in the anterior part of your eye then it will dissolve by itself with time but you have to take corticosteroid eye drops for a long time to reduce the inflammation.

If the piece is large in the anterior part of the eye it should be removed surgically.

Your doctor said that your cataract was in the back of the lens then most likely there are small pieces of cataract dropped to the back of the eye and the vitreous and for this reason you complain of floaters.

You should be evaluated by retinal ophthalmologist because you might need vitrectomy to remove these dropped pieces.

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You can't judge by yourself if you need vitrectomy based on the symptoms only but in general, eye floaters and blurry vision after complicated cataract surgery require full examination of the retina.

You have to GO TO RETINAL OPHTHALMOLOGIST ASAP for second opinion.

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