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I'm writing to ask about the risk of stroke after cataract surgery. I'm wondering what is the possibility of someone who is over 70 having a risk with this surgery. I've been reading about the relationship between cataracts and stroke which are considered co-morbid but there isn't a clear answer as to if there is a chance for someone especially the elderly to have a stroke after this procedure.

This is what is written on google: "As cataract surgery is the most effective treatment to correct lens-related visual loss,5, 6 a trend of increased cataract surgery following acute stroke episodes has been reported.

... Cataracts and stroke share several common risk factors; therefore, they are highly likely to become co-morbid conditions." It doesn't seem like there is much research regarding this fact and I'd like an experts' opinion regarding these facts.

Any information will be helpful.

Thank you!






Thanks for your Question

This is completely wrong. Cataract surgery itself doesn't cause a stroke or even increase the risk of stroke.

Cataract surgery if done under general anesthesia or retrobulbar anesthesia then there is an increase risk of stroke from the anesthesia itself not from the surgery. These forms of anaesthesia have their own systemic risks and complications

Most of cataract surgery these days can be done under topical anesthesia which has minimum to no systemic complications.





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First off thank you for your feedback.

However, to say this is "completely" wrong is to say there are zero cases ever found where cataract surgery didn't result in someone having a stroke.

Do you have links/resources that you can share supporting your findings on that anesthesia is the possible cause vs the surgery itself?

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If you have links to support your allegation that the cataract surgery itself is an known risk factor for stroke, please provide this or those links.

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