Cataract surgery was a nightmare for me



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Cataract Eye Surgery

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Do you use any eye drops?




Sorry I ever had cataract surgery- basically ruined my life. Now need to consider early retirement or medical disability.

I can no longer read at all and my vision is not correctable with eyeglasses or contacts at any range. I have been all over the US for options and am now being sent to Europe. Surgeon was so quick to do surgery-assuring me it was an easy procedure and I would return to work and driving in 24 hours.

It's been 9 months of Hell! and I was never told about possible problems, Now he says "something's wrong but I can't fix it- have a nice life". Another surgeon is trying to fix and I have had 3 other surgeries with lens exchange and am told I need more surgery- none of this covered by insurance.

Cataract surgeries are being done like factory piece work and there are patients who just don't do well with the current IOl's-like me.



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Well, this is the main risky factor with the cataract surgeries. But I think with the introduction of laser treatments, this risk had been brought down to a very low percentages and the ones I know personally who has went through laser treatments are fine now. Still trying to get relief from cataract surgery.

17 months later and I still have all the same problems, including all higher order aberrations. Now using PROSE device (a large scleral lens) with 2 pairs of eyeglasses over them- and the vision is still not great. In addition, I have been told scleral lens are comfortable as they sit on outer white of eyes.

Well- mine hurt and are tolerable for about 6-7 hours and only because I can function somewhat with them. Now discussing multi-focal piggyback intraocular lens which is being done in Europe. I want the IOLs to be removed altogether.




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Thanks to anyone who comments on my horrible cataract surgery- any and all options are appreciated.

Unfortunately, have already tried soft, daily wear, disposables, hard and Duette (rigid inside with soft outer ring) contacts- none work.

My corneas are extremely steep -combination of severe myopia and LASIK 10 years age. My surgeon is saying they are now finding out anyone with more than a -6 is not a good candidate for LASIK (I was a -12).




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