Cataract Surgery with Monovision correction



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Cataract Eye Surgery

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I had cataract removal surgery last December. Had IOL implant for near vision in the operated eye. Right eye did not need surgery at that time and still does not.

At first my vision was almost too perfect and light bothered me and I had flashes and spots. Now it is several months later and the operated eye has very bad eye floaters and vision loss.

It is planned to put in a lens for far vision in my other eye. Right now the eyes are conflicting. One sees images larger and the operated one sees images smaller.

I am not sure I want to have the other eye done as I feel that i may not be able to see. I had good near vision in the eye that got implant, just had double vision.

Can Blood pressure and some other medicines for cholesterol affect the eyes?




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Cataract surgery is an elective surgery most of the time which means that if you starts complaining about the blurry vision that is caused by cataract, in this case you can remove it but if you have cataract and it causes mild blurry vision and you don't complain that much about it, you can choose not to remove it.

There are many types of intraocular lenses that can be implanted during cataract surgery. Monovision intraocular lens can be used to correct near vision in Non-dominant eye in which the patient can be able to read and do near tasks in that eye BUT this eye can't be used for far vision because you will start to have blurry vision and headache.

The other dominant eye should be used for far vision. If the other eye has cataract and you have blurred vision for far in that eye, you will start to have double vision because you are using the other non-dominant eye with near intraocular lens.

Once cataract in the dominant eye is removed and an intraocular lens for far was implanted, you will start to use this eye for far and your other non-dominant eye for near and the attacks of double vision is reduced and the difference in images magnification also reduced.

Eye floaters after cataract surgery is common.You should discuss these issues with your eye doctor and what other options you have because some patients can't tolerate monovision intraocular lens and in this case this lens should be removed and replaced by standard intraocular lens for far and these patients can use near glasses for reading and near tasks.