Vitreous Syneresis and Cataract Surgery



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I had cataract surgery 6 months ago. Immediately after, saw flashes of light, floaters, eventually disappearing.

Recently, when looking outside, when I moved my eye to look to the side and returning to look straight ahead, there appeared a film curtain going across the eye.

Went to ophthalmologist and he stated that I had vitreous syneresis and that I probably had it in the other not yet operated eye. I checked immediately and had no such experience in the other eye. No reason given, other than age (I'm 73) and scheduled for cataract removal in other eye.

He cautioned that if I had other symptoms I have to return. Could the cataract surgery affect the vitreous? On another matter, I have seen the same doctor for severe dry eye conditions (I have RA) and severe light sensitivity.

When the doctor shines the slit lamp, he scolds me because the other eye closes and thereby closes the other eye. It's a reflex that I cannot seem to control, the other eye closes tightly, while he holds the slit lamp eye open.

What can I do. I am as frustrated as the physician and apprehensive about cataract surgery. Please help!




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The incidence of Vitreous syneresis increases after cataract surgery most likely because patients weren't aware about the presence of it. The presence of cataract causes blurred vision and reduces contrast sensitivity of the images.

After cataract surgery, patients will have high visual acuity and high contrast sensitivity and at this time they will start to notice the presence of eye floaters.

Another cause of Eye Floaters or vitreous syneresis after cataract surgery is rupture of the posterior capsule of the lens with anterior vitrectomy. It is a common complication that occurs during cataract surgery.

Eye floaters is a benign condition. It is advisable to visit your eye doctor if you notice it for the first time and also if it increases in number and intensity or associated with other symptoms such as blurred vision or flushes of lights.

Rheumatoid arthritis associated with dry eyes and it requires excessive lubrication to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes. Sometimes punctual plugs and Restasis can help to reduce its severity.