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Myopia and bifocals correction lenses





This is regarding my vision related problems. I am 48 years old male. My right eye has only +1.5 power and my Left eye has -0.75 and no bifocals.

My eye doctor suggested recently to wear only bifocals which can be used while reading and working on PCs. My work involves at least 8 hours of working on PCs. I do watch some 1-2 hours of TV everyday. 

My previous doctor recommended wearing appropriate correction lenses. In both cases I have some difficulty using the lenses ie. while looking at the closer objects through bifocals when one eye does not need bifocals and also while looking at pc monitors with myopic lens on one eye while the other eye needs bifocals. I hope I have explained the problem clearly. Please suggest the correct method of using the lenses.

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Not all people feel comfortable with bifocals, some of them feel more comfortable with progressive lenses because they provide more natural feeling vision while other feel more comfortable with monovision eyeglasses in which you use one two sets of eyeglasses, one for near and another one for far.

Try to discuss this problem with you optometrist and ask him about other options such as progressive lenses or even monofocal lens.