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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you use any eye drops?




Hi doctor,

Long story short, I had to spend 48 hours in a holding cell in a michigan county jail. The cell was appx 10x18 and constantly brightly illuminated by 4 banks (2 per side) of T12 36-48" bulbs.

The lighting was 24/7 and other than arrangement we spent 99% of our time confined to that room including meals and sleep time. There were no bunks or any other forms of shade or escape, just a concrete floor and a concrete bench on either long side of the wall.

Around day two I noticed that if I looked at things from different angles. My vision would take on a moderate to deep blue tinge but return to normal if I turned and looked in or from a different direction. I got out today and see this still happening, especially if I look at blue or black objects with the occasional flash of a whitish halo around my peripheral if I look away from bright colors, on a computer screen for example. There is no headache in association but it's pretty annoying.

Is this a common side effect or a sign of a larger problem? I realize it's not enough to give a solid diagnosis but what are your thoughts?

If it matters, the basin of the room as well as the interior side wall of the benches painted what appeared to be a pale blue with the walls and entry door appearing yellowish under this light.....the banks appeared to have a clear fractal lens and the bulbs seemed to give off a whitish yellow idea how many lumens.....but it was a constant miday summer in this room. I know that having this much detail is probably bad in itself but when you are looked in this room 24/'s hard to miss the details....



Thanks for your Question



Well this can be caused by:

1- Dry cornea from phototoxicity of the cornea which can be treated with artificial tears

2- Floaters which is most of the time a benign condition but you have to be examined by a doctor

3- Elevated Intraocular pressure which can cause rainbow and halos around lights and in this case you have to visit an eye doctor to measure intraocular pressure.


Halos around light