Double Vision and Ghosting in Left Eye



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For several years now I have dealt with double vision/vertical ghosting in both my left and right eyes. The left eye has always been more noticeable than the right and it gets VERY bad at night when driving. All road signs and traffic lights are completely doubled vertically from distances and the closer I get to them, it gets better, but even fairly close I still notice a haze above the signs/lights.

I notice this throughout the day as well, however it's only really bad when I see bright things on a black/dark background. My optometrist has corrected about 80% of the ghosting in my right eye with slight astigmatism correction and slight prism correction. However, I still see ghosting in my left eye and it is BAD.

Everything I read about in regards to ghost images and double vision at night leads to astigmatism correction. Is there any way my optometrist has overlooked an astigmatism in my left eye? I know that the pinhole test is the only thing that makes the double/ghost vertical vision in my left eye disappear.

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Thanks for your Question

I think you should visit an eye doctor who is specialized in cornea and refractive surgery. In this case of mooocular or uniocular double vision and ghost images we usually order pentacam or corneal imaging with wavefront analysis.

Through this image we can see if you have any high order aberrations that cause this double vision with glare and halo at night. Visual aberration are improperly focused lights due to imperfections of the optical system of the eye. High order aberrations cause and they can't be corrected with simple sphere and cylinder lens.

Full eye examination is also required to be sure there are no other causes of monocular double vision such as dry eyes, iris abnormalities and cataract.



High order aberration