I had bad vision on the first day after cataract surgery



Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/28/2016 - 12:34
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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
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Do you use any eye drops?

Radial Keratotomy

Cataract Eye Surgery

Do you use any eye drops?





I am 73 Years old male and i had R.K surgery in 1985. I had cataract surgery one day ago and having the patch removed today. I am unable to the the largest E on the screen and my Ophthalmologist said not to worry.

Others i know had greatly improved vision while mine is much worst. Shouldn't i be concerned?




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I wouldn't worry about it because your doctor examined you and said that and also it is common thing on the first day after surgery.

Sometimes vision can be bad on the first day after cataract surgery especially in old people who had corneal surgery as you. Water can accumulate in the cornea after surgery forming corneal edema which will subside with time and with certain medications.

Another cause of poor vision after surgery is inflammation inside your eyes which also will subside after medications.

Your vision will improved gradually with time over 3-4 weeks.

You should follow your doctor instructions and should have regular follow-up with him. I always advice instruct my patients to follow up 1 week after the surgery, then 2 weeks after that unless something unusual happen during this time.