Pred Forte eye drops and glucose intolerance



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Corneal graft

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Fuchs endothelial dystrophy

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Pred Forte Eye Drops

Do you use any eye drops?





I have Fuchs endothelial dystrophy and just recently had corneal repair surgery. I am using Pred Forte in my surgery eye, which started at q2h and then has been gradually reduced down to three times a day.

I have noted that my glucose level has increased. It used to be around 90 to 100, now in the mornings it is 122-130. Is it possible that it could be the Pred Forte.

I have actually gone on a diet in the past few weeks and my glucose reading is still elevated.

Could it be the Pred Forte?




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Steroid in general can cause glucose intolerance or high blood level of glucose. But with Corticosteroid Eye Drops, the risk of this intolerance is small because the amount of steroid that can reach the blood stream from the eye is small. Theoretically it can happen but clinically i didn't find any of my patients complaining of that.

In order to minimize the systemic absorption of corticosteroid eye, you have to press on the inner corner of the eye for 5 minutes at the same time you apply eye drops.

This will reduce the amount of drug that passes through the nasolacrimal duct or tear ducts, thus reducing the amount of the drug that can reach the blood stream.




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Thanks, that's interesting. The instructions on my eye drops say hold your index finger to your eye duct for 2 minutes. Maybe 5 minutes will reduce the BG impact.

I have started using eye drops yesterday and found my Blood Glucose have risen significantly today. I have needed to increase my insulin doses (I have T1 Diabetes). Pred Forte has been prescribed 4 x per day for 3 days prior to cataract surgery. (Then for 3 days after).




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I have type 2. Diagnosed about a year ago. No meds been controlling with diet.

I had cornea transplants 15+ years ago. Pred forte 1x a day each eye. The last few months I was unable to get my drops because of cost. I reduced my dosage to 1x every 3 days.

Recently I was able to afford the drops. Back to 1x a day. My morning glucose levels went up to 180-220 instead of 130 - 160.

I suspect the drops. I will stop them for a week to see if levels change.



Thank you
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