Dry eye with scleral Nodules



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?

Lasik Eye Surgery

Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?

 Restasis, Artelac advanced

Do you use any eye drops?





1- Age 39 years old

2- Systemic Diseases none

3- Eye Diseases none

4- previous Eye Surgeries, lazik surgery in August 2006

5- Eye drops, Restasis, Artelac advanced

6- Glasses or Contact Lens Wearer

7- Your complain in which eye: left eye

8- Chief Complain: pain in the left eye. there is a bulging red area on the sclera next to the pupil which my eye doctor has diagnosed as "thickening of the sclera". The pain in the eye is centered in this area. When I read a book or use the computer the pain increases.

But I sometimes wake up with it. My doctor's diagnosis is dry eye and I'm using restasis to treat it. I have been using it for over 5 months now without any improvement. I have seen five different doctors and they all agreed on the same diagnois. During my last visit my doctor increased the times of restasis use to three times a day and asked me to see him in 3 months for evaluation.



I don't think that eye dryness is the problem since my eye continues to be painful even when I'm using the eye drop and when it's not exactly dry. i believe the pain is related to the nerves. I am desperate since i've been suffering this condition for over 4 years now. I have spent so much money on eye doctors and eye drops and there has not been any improvement at all. Please help me.

9- Duration: 5 years

3 months after the lasik surgery I had 2 lumps one in the upper eyelid and one in the lower of the left eye. My eye doctor performed an eye surgery to remove them and following the surgery my eye problems started.

I changed this doctor and explained what had happened to the new doctors but they all said there was no connection between the scar on my eyelids and the area on the sclera which is the location of pain. They also agreed on the same diagnosis which is dryness.




Thanks for your Question


In order to treat dry eye correctly we should find the cause of it. Lasik is a risk factor for dry eyes,(click here for more information about dry eye and lasik )and scleral nodules also can cause a dry eyes by changing the flow of tears on the cornea.
If you have severe dry eye and you are tired from multiple expensive eye drops, there is another option which is called puntal plug. There are two lacrimal punctums in each eye. These punctums are responsible for drainage of tears outside the eye to the nose.

Plug can be used to close these punctums either permanently or temporary and this will help to increase the amount and time of contact between tears and the front surface of the eye.
There are many differential causes for painful thickening nodules in the sclera near the cornea and it would be very helpful to have a picture of this part of the eye but most likely it can be epi-scleritis or scleritis which are inflammation of the sclera and the tissue that surround it. The main cause of these nodules are idiopathetic(unknown cause).Other causes are systemic inflammation diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis.
The main treatment of episcleritis and scleritis is NSAIDs eye drops (Acular) and steroid eye drops such as Lotemax. Corticosteroid eye drops should be taken only under the supervision of eye doctor.