High Intraocular Pressure after Maxitrol Eye drops



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?

Corneal Cross Linking

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Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
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Maxitrol Steroid/antibiotics

Do you use any eye drops?





I had crosslinking surgery 9 weeks ago and had prescribed Maxitrol Steroid/antibiotics.I have put these in my eyes for the whole 9 weeks reducing to twice a day.

I now have intraocular pressure of 30.My surgeon has taken me off maxitrol and put me on an anti-inflammatory.

How long will it take for the pressure to go down and will it cause damage?




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High intraocular pressure (IOP) after steroid eye drops can last from a few days to years. It differs from person to person. After the cessation of Maxitrol, you must re-measure your IOP after a few days, and if it still high, about 27 or above, your eye doctor may prescribe Anti-Glaucoma Eye Drops for a few days or a few weeks.

During this period there should be a also regular follow-up to measure the Intraocular Pressure(IOP). After this period, your doctor may stop these medications and measure your IOP after a few days.

Usually it will return to normal and in this case there is no need for eye drops antiglaucoma. But if the IOP still high, these drops will be used for a long time.

High eye pressure without treatment can cause damage to the optic nerve, which over time can affect your vision.

This type of Glaucoma is called Steroid induced Glaucoma. You might have to read more about it.