Pred forte eye drops for retinal detachment



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Corneal Transplantation and retinal detachment Surgery

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Retinal Detachment

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Pred Forte Eye Drops

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My son, 20 years now, had a retinal detachment 5 months ago which was discovered during a cornea transplant after a previous cornea transplant had become cloudy.

The doctor said the eye could not be operated for the detachment and hence he was left blind on the eye. subsequently he was treated with antibiotics and pred forte Eye Drops 

Now the doctor has recommended that he uses pred forte Eye Drop indefinitely to avoid the eye from shrinking as the pressure has been low. The pressure gets very low and the eye turns red in the absence of pred forte Eye Drops.

The doctor says their is no side effect but its important he continues with this medicine if he wishes to keep the eye intact. Please advice.




Thanks for your question



One of the complication of pred forte eye drops is elevation of intraocular pressure so in eye with low intraocular pressure there no harm of using it.

Pred forte in this case is to reduce redness but it is unlikely to elevate intraocular pressure because retinal detachment is the cause of this low intraocular pressure.

Low intraocular pressure can be permanent in eye with untreated retinal detachment and with time the eye can get smaller and atrophied. It would be better To inject silicone oil in the eye to preserve its size.