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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
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Do you use any eye drops?





I've been diagnosed with a PVD in my left eye, had it since February. The floaters have got slightly worse and I'm worried that they will continue to go that way for the rest of my life.

Will they eventually slow down or keep progressing? I've had my eye examined many times, my retina is healthy apart from some really old scars that was of no concern (said it was possibly from a childhood injury).

I went back due to mild flashes but again the hospital said my retina had no tears or holes. I'm only 29, not short-sighted. Any advice would be great as it's causing me massive anxiety.

They keep saying the brain will block out the floaters, but is that possible if I keep having new ones?




Thanks for your Question


First of all we have to know the cause of these eye floaters. You said that you eye doctor examined you and found old retinal scars from childhood injuries. Eye or head trauma can cause vitreous liquefaction and can induce posterior vitreous detachment which is manifested as eye floaters.

It seems like you don't have complete vitreous detachment because sometimes you complain of flashes of light which means that vitreous is still separating from the retina.

The things that you explained are normal but sometimes can be very annoying.

You can sense the presence of eye floaters mainly if you look to something with white background such as book, paper or a wall.

Brain adaptation can occur but in young people it might take longer than old people.

We always advice our patients who have eye floaters to have annual eye examination and in certain cases to seek medical attention if they noticed :

1- a sudden increase in the number of eye floaters that is associated with blurred of vision and flashed of light.

2- Black curtain black patches that obscure their vision.

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