I have Eyes problems, what is it



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you use any eye drops?





I am 19 (20 in July) and have the following:

• Floaters every day. Grey and translucent.
Mostly circles and sometimes lines. Can get showers of floaters when look at sky/in daylight.

• Flashes occasionally, maybe three a month.
It varies. Majority of times get them when going from light to dark rooms too quickly.

• Auras like a glow mostly clear but can be pink or blue.

• Haze/starburst/glare of light (like a haze and lines) around lights sometimes mostly in dark
Also I see blue sparks dots in eyes sometimes.



The floaters began in July 2012 and now I am getting new things wrong all the time. flashes were next, now the glare. I have been to 4 optometrists (3 different ones) in 7 months. Went in July, November, February and most recently April 24th.

Also been to my GP and have been referred to an ophthalmologist eye specialist but I could wait months, they all seem to think it could be an optical migraine, But i don't see the zig zag thing.The floaters don't even bother me so much it is the flashes and the haze lights.

They always take photo of back of my eye and said it was healthy, took my eye pressure normal, dilated my pupils. Everything was fine. It is unexplained. I just feel I am getting more things to add to the list and it is giving me anxiety.

I think I have started to become sensitive to light and wear sunglasses outside when it is sunny and it helps to not see the floaters. I do wear glasses and have done since I was 12.

What do you think it could be? I never had any of these problems a year ago



Thanks for your Question



Posterior vitreous detachment causes floaters and flash of lights.Posterior vitreous detachment is a normal process that occurs in old age and also in patients with myopia.Malnutrition and unhealthy food can also be a cause.

There are many diseases can cause these symptoms and these diseases can be diagnosed with complete eye examination.

Regular retina examination with your eye doctor is important to rule out any retinal tears or retinal holes that can occur with posterior vitreous detachment.