Cant make a pair of glasses the same without double vision



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

See scripts below in pictures 

Contacts both eyes are the same : 

Base 14.2

Power -3.50

Diameter: 14.2

Glasses - no issue script unknown upon testing last nov different to this Aug test for eye glass lense script. 

Glasses suposed to be made up as during eye glass testing 

-3.25 / -0.25 x 102 (RIGHT) 

- 3.25 / - 0.25 x 100 (LEFT)





I've never had double vision before and i have worn these current glasses with no issues for the last 7 years and contacts too. Upon testing last November (see pic) my eye results were:

RT: -3.50 , cyl -0.50, axis 110

LT: -3.50, cyl -0.25, axis 110. 

Eye testing this August Is

RT: -2.50, cyl -0.75, axis 95

LT: -2.75 , 0.50, 95

Vertical prism 1BD

PD 57/55. 



Why do my eyes test so differently in both exams as all i want is a pair of glasses made up same as the red ones but when they do i get distorted vision and i have been told its because the pupil hight has been set extremly low as in a few millimitres off the bottom of the frame. So why do i get double vision only when they test my eyes but never any other time or without contacts or glasses on. 

Even when they tried to match the script to the one marked (red pair) i still couldnt see properly out of them as in i had a fishbowel effect (marked black pair) 

They made up a pair of glasses with the prism in but i cant see in the distance and i feel like i have vertigo when i wear them.

Why is it so hard to make a pair of glasses the same as the ones im wearing now without knowing what the lense script is in them bit we only have the measurments taken from the glasses themselves with the machine.

Do i need a prism if i dont normally have double vision but i do when they test my eyes individually and them put them together? 






Thanks for your Question

I am confused here. You don't have double vision before but you started to have it with the new glasses ? Do you still see clearly with your old glasses?



Eye scripts / measurments
picture of current eye glasses


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I can see clearly with the old glasses and i only get double vision when they test my eyes individually and then when the put them together with the correct script strength. otherwise i never have double vision so im wondering are they testing my eyes correctly ?
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Most likely the new test and new eyeglasses are wrong. You have to double check with your optometrist.

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