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I'm a 24 yr old female and have been wearing glasses/contacts since I was 10. (I mostly wear my contacts but wear my glasses at night).

I recently went to the eye doctor and found out my vision has gotten worse (not a surprise). He recommended that I should not wear my glasses/take out my contacts when I do work on my laptop or read. However, I can't see the screen at all when I'm not wearing either my glasses or contacts and because.

I'm in law school I'm constantly reading/on my laptop.  My laptop isn't far from where I sit (maybe 5 inches from the edge of my desk) but I can't see the screen at all without contacts/glasses. I forgot my exact script but I'm -3.0 Diopter in both eyes and have a pretty bad astigmatism, between 2.00 and 3.00 diopters. 

Since I'm farsighted, I'm concerned that I've become nearsighted. Is it possible that I've become nearsighted as well? Like I said, I'm 24 and would prefer not to have to wear reading glasses.




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If you have myopia alone without astigmatism, you can take off your Eyeglasses or Contacts for near but you have astigmatism which causes blurred vision for both far and near distances.

I recommend that you use your eyeglasses for close activities such as computer work because without it you won't see your laptop clearly and you might have eye strain that includes pain in or around your eye and visual fatigue.

At your age, you can't have both nearsighted and farsighted at the same time.