Blepharitis Problem for more than 2 years



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you use any eye drops?





I had Blepharitis for about 2 years now, use eyelid cleanser and eye drops twice daily, 2 omega 3 Fatty acid pills daily, hot towel on eyes for 5 mins once or twice daily.

My eye shape is crazy different my eyes are crazy bloodshot, i can't stay up more then 8 hours 10 tops or my eyes get scary bad.

I have a few weird questions. - Do i have to lay in bed all day every day for years til i hope this passes? or can i keep watching tv in IMMENSE pain? - Does the pain mean stop? but my eyes hurt a lot anyway just not as much, maybe. can i mess up my vision or eyes by being in this much pain watching tv? and them being this bloodshot? I am at the point i can't take it anymore and its only 2 years in a lifetime problem.

I've lost my girlfriend and most my friends and my life completely to this and that was before it got this bad too. My left eye in particular is so severely bloodshot from all angles directly into the pupil and the pain starts the second i wake up no matter what i do and gets worse hourly as well as the pain and how bloodshot.

Any fellow blepharitis people have any tips or can at least say this is normal and what to expect? Any products to try or things to do to make it better?



I'm also really worried about corneal ulcers now because looking at some pics on google search, my eyes aren't far off most of these and they hurt constantly. also wondering if being in a reasonable amount of pain for the past 2 years is damaging to my system somehow?



Thanks for your Question



First of all you have to know if your symptoms are caused by blepharitis itself or due to other eye diseases and to do that you have to visit your eye doctor.

Sometimes blepharitis is associated with systemic diseases such as acne rosacea which can have profound effects on the eye and this disease can be treated with topical eye drops and also with oral medications.

Severe blepharitis can cause severe dry eyes so make such that you are using plenty of preservative free artificial tears. Blepharitis also can cause bacterial and immune related conjucntivitis and both of these conjucntivitis are treated with a different combination of eye drops.

I would recommend you to visit corneal specialist to find the exact cause of this red eye and severe pain.