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Trabeculectomy eye surgery

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Eye drops for glaucoma

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My mum had a trabeculectomy eye surgery for glaucoma which was unsuccessful and then she had incisional surgery in which a small tube was inserted within the eye to ensure drainage.

Now she has been prescribed Pred forte couple of times a day. I really wanted to know if its vise to use this med as it has been prescribed by the doctor?

Her pressure was checked today and it was 45. The doctor said after the surgery its normal the pressure goes up sometimes till its fully cured.



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Pred forte eye drops is very important in patients who had multiple glaucoma surgeries and ended up with Drainage device implantation in the eyes. This eye drops will decrease intraocular inflammation and thus decrease fibrosis around the tube.
The frequency of this eye drops should be tapered according to the degree of the inflammation which usually occur within 2-3 weeks after surgery.
Post operation day, the intraocular pressure can be high and eye drops for glaucoma can be used to reduce intraocular pressure. Failure of the surgery should be considered within the first few days post-surgery.