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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

About 100 degrees on the left and 150 on the right. 





It’s been sometime where I get this episode every 2-3 months once. Where my right eye has a slight increase in pressure, my right vision starts to become blurry and it gets worse when I am exposed to glaring lights.

This will cause me to see halos around lights and things looks hazy. There was once where I felt quite a bad headache on the right side. However after 1-2 days it will go away and I’m back to normal. I think it is usually caused by me starting at my computer and phone for too long. I tried using a blue light filter and it has reduced slightly. May I know what am I suffering from?

I also wonder if staring at screens for too long will worsen astigmatism? My eyes looks fine from the outside, sometimes a little slit of red in between the white part and the pupil meets when looking at screens for too long.

Your help is really appreciated.




Thanks for your Question

Those episodes of right eye pain with blurred vision and halos around lights can be due to recurrent attacks of angle closure glaucoma. When the angle of the eye is closed for some reasons, the intraocular pressure increases and the patient starts to have blurry vision, halos around lights and headache. Each attack can last from few hours to few days.

Angle closure glaucoma is very common in East Asia and it can be treated with laser iridotomy to prevent these attacks.

Another cause of blurry vision in one eye and headache is migraine which can also cause blurred vision, halos around lights and also headache.

Working for long hours on computer can cause dry eyes which is manifested as redness, foreign body sensation and burning sensation. Try to use lubricant eye drops and take frequents breaks from your computer every 30-40 minutes.

I would recommend to visit an eye doctor for complete evaluation of your condition and to rule out angle closure glaucoma.




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Thank you so much for your time and expertise doctor. Really appreciate it.

I have immediately went to an eye specialist for an eye check for glaucoma. However when I received the results my eye pressure was 16 on the left and 17 on the right. This confuses me because the symptoms aligns with glaucoma but the pressure doesn’t. Is it possible that, because I feel that the pressure is slightly lower during the check that’s why it is giving me a lower reading?

My episodes last around 2-3 days. Is it true that if I do a check for pressure outside this period is not accurate? Does the pressure usually stay constantly high if I have glaucoma?

The doctor recommend me to a neurologist which I think it may be unnecessary. I also read about the ocular migraine, the only symptom I don’t have is the darkening of the vision.

So to say I am not suffering from ocular migraine?


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The Intraocular pressure between the attacks is completely normal. During the eye examination there are certain signs we look for to know if there are any previous attacks or the patient is at risk to develop closed angle glaucoma such as shallow anterior chamber, narrow angle by gonioscopy lens and many other signs.

I am sure that your eye doctor examined your eye for these signs and your were diagnosed most likely with ocular migraine which sometimes can cause temporary loss of vision.

I would recommend to visit a neurologist for further evaluation.

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