I have Different Opinion regarding Femosecond Laser Vs Phaco Surgery



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1) The overall procedure time in normal phaco case is 10- 12 min in hands of a good surgeon whereas the procedure time with femtosecond lasers would be double that.

2) Most good surgeons achieve the desired Capsulorhexis size at least 90% of the times and in the rest of the cases the Capsulorhexis can vary 0.5 mm but this small problem does not warrant the huge cost escalation of a femtosecond procedure.

3) Even after the femtosecond procedure you need to enter the eye with a phaco tip , hence the same procedure as a regular phaco case is employed and therefore femtosecond cataract surgery has the same list of complications as for a normal cataract surgery.

5) What is required is a cheaper and efficient way of performing Capsulorhexis , that I agree but femtosecond procedure is still in the nascent stages.





Good" vs "Bad" Surgeons

The whole issue is largely one of marketing hype -created by manufacturers who, despite everything that has been written, have never made the money they expected to from Femto-LASIK.

There are still MANY (worldwide the majority) good surgeons out there performing LASIK without FS and it will be the same with femto-cataract.

These procedures will at least double, probably triple the current costs of cataract surgery so, again, it will become a "rich" persons treatment -but actually one that gives them no advantage over anyone else.

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But how will they loot patients then. what will be difference between great "so called" laser surgeons and us small phaco surgeons who may be actually performing better than these great surgeons.