My daughter has Duane Syndrome



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Duane Syndrome

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Beth has Duane Syndrome

My daughter has this condition and it affects her with both of her eyes. I picked this up at just prior to her 6 week check, and I've been informed that I'm astute for doing so.

I am fortunate that due to good Hospital care, Elizabeth looks like any other child. She is happy, popular, and is doing well in school - she's now 6. To date she's not needed anything major to do with this condition.

We make sure that she has a good view point at all times, and I always check that her eyes when looking at me, stay inline and straight.

Things to watch out for if your child is diagnosed with this...

1) They may take a little longer to do things that require balance, such as sitting, walking, riding a bike. The reason for this, is they will frequently turn their heads rather than move their eyes (that is what comes naturally to them). Be patient, and they will get there. We have encourage Beth to take up dancing (ballet). This has helped her with balancing.

2) Schooling - I've always explained the condition to the primary Teacher that Elizabeth is with each year. I do this, to request that she always has a seat directly in front of the board (black or white), rather than sitting to the side.



3) Taking photo's - this can be rather sporting, as the reaction to flashes, can get some very bizarre looking photo's. However with the digital technology as it is, I've always found using an 'auction' setting (where 3-5 photos are taken in quick succession), you will get one priceless shot out of it... I attach a photo of my daughter, as you'll see, you'd never know that she does have this condition.

(My son doesn't) I don't know how driving a car will pan out for Beth, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, she is also fortunate to not have anyone pick on her at school for the condition.

I hope it stays that way.



My daughter has Duane Syndrome