My son with Accommodative Esotropia



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2.5 y
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Accommodative Esotropia

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My son is 2.5 years old and has been diagnosed with Accommodative Esotropia. We initially saw an optometrist and was prescribed Eyeglasses which are now straightening my sons eye.

However we recently saw a specialist and he advised that the strength of his current lenses are not strong enough and will cause laziness and recommended that we get him in max strength glasses and patch the right eye for one hour a day.

We saw the optometrist again today and he commented that he wouldn't recommend patching.

We are very confused and want to do what is best for our son. Some advice would be much appreciated.




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You baby should take all the refractive power that appears after dilated eye exam to prevent amblyopia. Sometimes we patch the strong eye so the weak eye gets stronger.

On examination, your eye doctor should know which is the weak and the strong eye and also if there a difference in the refractive powers between both eyes, the one with high power is the weak one.

Duration of patients depend on many things such as aging, severity of amblyopia and examinations in the followup visits.