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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
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Do you use any eye drops?
Do you use any eye drops?





I've been to the E.R twice now and cannot afford to see doctor. They said iritis and both of my eyes are bloodshot red it started with the left eye then my right eye developed the redness but my left eye has a sharp stabbing pain that won't stop.

They used numbing eye drops in the E.R which took the pain away and they preformed a ocular pressure test which was a 13 which they said was fine and dyed my eye and looked for abrasions which they said was none.

I'm having sensitivity to lighting and pain that won't go away in my left eye any suggestions?




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Did they say that you have iritis or you just think you have it, did the doctor that you see prescribe eye drops for you ?

There are many causes of red eye with pain and photophobia such as viral conjunctivitis, dry eyes, allergic conjunctivitis and iritis.

Red eye that starts in one eye and then it affects the other eyes is most likely to be viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. Lubricant eye drops with mild corticosteroid eye drops can be used to reduce eye pain, redness and photophobia.

Iritis is inflammation inside the eye and there are many causes of it. The cause should be identified in this case because sometimes it can be associated with systemic disease and eye involvement is the first sign of it.

Iritis is treated with corticosteroid eye drops and sometimes systemic medications are required.

I would prefer if you visit your eye doctor and find out the exact cause and if you need further tests




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Well they diagnosed iritis and prescribed zaditor eye drops and that was yesterday. This eye drops weren't taking the pain away.

When i first went to the E.R they thought it was conjunctivitis and prescribed drops that i took like directed for 6 days but it wasnt working.

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Zaditor eye drop is not used to treat iritis. As i said before, it should be treated with corticosteroid eye drops and systemic evaluation.

You should follow up with an ophthalmologist for further evaluation
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