Defects in visual Field



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

Right: 5.25 / 0.50 X 50

Left: 4.50 / 0.50 X 5




Dear Sir,

Based on eye test done the the visual field are seen to be reduced. There is no other issue with The Eye.

We are still under consultation and there is no conclusion yet. We wish to inquire whether your specialist can provide their diagnosis and assessment based on our eye test reports.




Thanks for your Question

Can you please provide the reports or images of visual fields ?




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Dear Sir,

Yes I can provide the tests documents done so far.

Please advise where to upload them or is there an email where I can send
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Thanks for uploading the pics and reports. It seems that you had some insult in the past to your optic nerves, in both eyes, left eye more than right eye, that caused bilateral optic neuropathy which is stable now. 

MRI report said that the optic nerve is small in size due to atrophic changes that occurred due to optic neuropathy.

Arnold Chiari syndrome type 1 can cause bilateral optic disc swelling and optic neuropathy, otherwise i can't see any abnormalities.

Regular follow up is required to make sure there is no progression in your condition.
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Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for your reply. Highly appreciate. I have a few more questions:

1-You mention that optic nerve insult is more in right and less in left eye OR is it more in left eye and less in right eye. Kindly review and advise again.

2-You mentioned that due to Chiari syndrome type 1 can cause bilateral optic disc swelling and optic neuropathy. Based on the reports, Is there any any bilateral optic disc swelling observed in the eyes currently? Kindly advise. If there is then do you suggest any treatment method or diet control or exercises ?

3-What could be the possible causes of Arnold Chiari syndrome type 1?

4- Are there any treatments possible to strengthen the optic nerves or the Arnold chiari syndrome type 1 ? Pls advise

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You are right, it affects the left eye more than right eye.

Optic swelling is the acute form of the insult and when it subsides it will be replaced by atrophic changes of the nerve so now you can't see the swelling.

Regarding the causes and treatments of Arnold Chiari syndrome, you should follow with neurologist and discuss what options do you have.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to recover atrophic optic nerve but as i said you can discuss what options you have with your neurologist

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