Partial blocked tear duct



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?

Created a new tear duct on one side at 6 months old 



Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?

Born with blocked tear duct on one side, manipulated and corrected other side surgery 

Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?

7 mm menigioma on brain no effect 

Do you use any eye drops?
Do you use any eye drops?





A little over three years ago I started to get a partially blocked tear duct on one eye. On March 2017, I saw ophthalmologist who put a syringe in the tear duct with water and the first time he did that it came back out the same duct he made a second attempt and it went through.

A year later in March again I felt like I had the partial blockage he tested it and it was not blocked. This March, I went back and again it was partially blocked same scenario.Two years ago I also saw an oculoplastic surgeon who said he believed this is due to allergies.

I have Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) of health issues and my frayed of cancer all the time. If this blockage was due to a tumor in the lacrimal duct Would I have had some outward signs such as a bulge or growth since this is been going on for over three years.

I also had a brain MRI for other reasons which talked about my eye orbit and my para sinuses all appeared normal.




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Blockage of tear duct is very common at your age group and many patients won't get any benefits from syringing and probing and recurrent attacks of Duct blockage can occur. Many patient will require DCR (dacryocystorhinostomy) Surgery to open passage of the tear to the nose.

Nasal blockage from allergy can cause partial tear obstruction. Tear duct or nasolacrimal duct connects the eye to the nose so any nasal problem can cause blockage of tear duct. 

I always advice my patients to have medical assessment with ENT doctor to examine the nose.

Nasolacrimal duct tumor is very rare and it is associated with other signs and symptoms such as nose bleeding, pain around the eye, eye swelling, double vision and so on. You had MRI imaging which came out with normal sinus and orbit so i wound't worry about this issue.