Hard to see clearly through my right eye



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
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Do you use any eye drops?





After working outdoors for several hours on a overcast day I noticed it was hard to see clearly through my right eye. I cleaned my tinted safety glasses and still found it hard to see, everything was grey when viewed through that eye.

My eye doctor saw me on the way to my office from the job.She checked my acuity, mediated my pupils and examined my eyes with a bright slit and checked pressure.

She said that I had floaters. I mentioned the flashes of light which I had been seeing for months. She said that the may have been ocular migraines but was not sure why they are persistent. The next day my vision was much worse. She saw me again and said that the humor had detached from my retina and that it would most likely happen to my other eye soon.



I saw her again the next day and she said the same thing.

I have been seeing crescent moon shaped flashes of light in my right eye when I look to the left in dim light or when it is dark. My vision on the right side looks like I'm looking through a bunch of dark hairs and spots. Most of the time it does not bother me.

Yesterday when driving, I noticed what looked like purple blotches on either side of the white line between lanes of the highway. This morning there was purple areas around the silver faucet in the white sink under incandescent light.

She will not give me my prescription with IPD so that I cannot buy safety glasses online. Her office does not offer safety glasses.

Should I get a second opinion, and from what kind of specialist?




Thanks for your Question



Most likely you have floaters which can be associated with photopsia with flashes of light.

I would recommend to have a second opinion with retina specialist who can examine the whole retina. I would also recommend to measure the intraocular pressure which sometimes can cause photopsia with seeing colored halos or rings.


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I urge you to go see a "retinal specialist" type of eye doctor (ophthalmologist), who is an M.D. (medical doctor), immediately!

This is in case you are having a "retinal detachment"! To prevent blindness, go see the specialist type of eye doctor, immediately!

Don't wait. It could be a medical emergency.

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