I am terrified of getting retinal detachment. Explain a light flash please



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
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Do you use any eye drops?





I am 14 years old, my name is Jackson. I have some floaters that have developed since I was 13.

I have one dark floater that remains in my field of vision all of the time, and I have many other floaters in my vision when looking at the sky or snow. I am absolutely terrified of going blind from Retinal Detachment.

Are light flashes something that envelops the entire field of vision, or is it like a little small dot? How long do they last? Whenever I see an after image of something bright, I immediately have a panic attack thinking I am getting a detached retina. Please help. (I don't wear glasses, I do not take any medication, my family does not have any history with eye diseases.)

I went to an Optometrist who told me the tissue in my eye was fine, and if I saw any light flashes, or curtains in my vision I should go back.

I don't see the shadows, or curtains in vision.

Please help me!




Thanks for your Question
There are different shape of floaters and there are all related to posterior vitreous detachment. Sometimes, when the vitreous detached from the retina it can cause traction on the retina ( As you can see in the picture that i attached).

This traction cause flashes of light. Most of the time it goes well without any complications but sometimes this traction can cause retinal tear or retinal hole.
I always advice my patients to visit an eye doctor( Not optometrist) to have dilated eye exam or fundus eye exam. With this examination we can find any kind of traction on the retina and if there is any retinal tears or holes we can seal them with laser.
You shouldn't be afraid,i am sure that it is a normal process of vitreous detachment.