I was diagnosed with asteroid hyalosis and started with floaters recently



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Asteroid Hyalosis

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Coronary artery disease


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Do you use any eye drops?





I am a 76 yr old man with hx of HTN, CAD and hyperlipidemia. My optometrist told me about 15 yrs ago that I have asteroid hyalosis. I noticed black cloudy floaters about three years ago but they did not bother me. About five weeks ago I suddenly noticed small dark spots on surfaces in millions. I was examined by an ophthalmologist right away who did not find any other abnormalities except asteroids.

He referred me to a retina specialist to make sure that there was no retinal detachment and again the diagnosis was the same. I was told that there is no treatment for them. I have a cataract in my right eye which needs surgery and have also been diagnosed with a lazy right eye. These are in both eyes but more in the right eye the one with the cataract.

Now they look like insects floating in the air and on the surface. These do not move with the eye movement. I can drive and do other activities although reading the news paper is problematic as the print is blurry. My questions are: why they have started now, will they get worse, any reason which might have worsened them and is there any treatment.

I will appreciate your help very much.

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Asteroid Hyalosis rarely cause any floaters.

The most common cause of eye floaters is vitreous syneresis which is common at your age.Fundus examination for a patient with vitreous syneresis is normal. Floaters usually increase in number with time until it reaches a plateau.

Vitreous syneresis has no complications or long term effect on the eye. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for eye floaters that is caused by age related vitreous syneresis.

Another common cause of eye floaters that can be also mistakenly diagnosed as asteroid hyalosis and can cause eye floaters is synchysis scintillans OR Cholesterosis bulbi.

It is a rare condition that occurs in patient with high blood lipid, vitreous hemorrhage, uveitis and trauma. The only treatment of this condition is though vitrectomy surgery.