My eye is bulged with choroidal freckle



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Around august of last year I had noticed that my right eye was bulging and after looking through past pics it was present in may'16. I wasn't too concerned at first because there was no other symptoms at all.

Beginning in Dec I started having trouble with nose sores that would't heal, which in turn made me go to google. First symptom I found of sinus cancer was one bulging eye. Then nervous I visited my GP and after blood work, MRI, and visit to ear nose throat specialist everything has come back normal.

During my last follow up at the GP he wanted to refer me to an ophthalmologist,which brought up the memory of my last eye visit to an optician where my ocular pressure in that eye was 22 and she found what she called a rare freckle (choroid I believe by the image I seen,she didn't state nor put it in the notes of the exam) that was harmless and nothing to worry about.

Now I'm a nervous wreck again (thought of melanoma after researching freckle/choroidal melanoma) and the past 4-5 days my vision in said eye seems increasingly blurry each day and the color vision is duller. So is my stress validated or not, it's literally killing me to wait til the ophthalmologist appt on the 22nd





Thanks for your Question

The first thing you have to know that you shouldn't search through google about your symptoms, you will definitely find many things that will make you nervous and have nightmares

You have normal blood workout and imaging of your sinus  so there is nothing to worry about

Most of the choroidal freckles are benign and nothing to worry about.

Choroidal tumor wouldn't cause eye bulging. Your facial features and the difference in size between the two eye sockets which is a normal condition might cause this bulging, especially when you compare both eyes

Nothing to worry about and i am sure your eye examination will be within normal range